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Phoenix Kids Photographer

I can’t believe that Baby D is already 1!!! Where did the past year go?!  I’m seriously concerned about the rate at which babies grow in to toddlers and kids!  At least Baby D is really excited to be turning 1!  You probably remember this cute little guy from his newborn and six month sessions and since he’s all over my website.  Seriously, how cute is he?!  I absolutely love photographing him and am a little sad that this is the last of our scheduled Baby Steps sessions.  He has such an amazing temperament and adorable smile and apparently lots of clapping makes him amazingly happy, which means amazingly cute photos!  And cute photos meant I had a hard time narrowing down which photos to show you since they were all just so stinking adorable!  I met up with D and his fam at the Phoenix Zoo to capture his big milestone of turning 1!  His mom even brought an adorable cake for him to smash in to, which I loved.  This little guy is so close to walking and we got some really cute standing photos of him!  I’m sure he’s going to be running any day now.  I haven’t been to the Phoenix Zoo in ages and we didn’t really see many animals but we did find some really fun places for great photos!

Phoenix Kids Photographer

Don’t you love his shirt!!!  I think it’s from Etsy!

Phoenix Kids PhotographerPhoenix Kids PhotographerPhoenix Kids Photographer

LOVED the light in this tree house!

Phoenix Kids PhotographerPhoenix Kids PhotographerPhoenix Kids PhotographerPhoenix Kids Photographer

See!  Clapping=happy!!

Phoenix Kids Photographer

The top left photo is one of my favorites!!  How sweet!!!

Phoenix Kids PhotographerPhoenix Kids PhotographerFirst birthday cake photo

Drew barely let me get a photo of his cake with the candle lit before he dove right for the flame!  Luckily his mom was close by!  This kid does not shy away from sugar either!  Love that he wasn’t scared to get messy!!

First birthday cake photoFirst birthday cake photoFirst birthday cake photo


Phoenix Kids Photographer

Happy 1st birthday, Baby D!  So glad I was able to capture your first year!!!

Speaking of first year photos, I created a first year album (like this one) with all of my favorite photos of Baby D’s first year sessions so check back soon for some photos of it!!  I’m currently waiting for the UPS man to drop it off on my door step as we speak!


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