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It’s crazy how quickly time goes by.  It’s almost been a year since we bought and remodeled our townhome.  What’s even more crazy is that last year at the beginning of July we were knee deep in remodeling madness and this year at the beginning of July we’ll be knee deep in baby madness!!  What a difference a year makes!!  Anyways, I’m getting very close to posting some “after” photos of our entire townhome since I never did that over the past year.  Luckily for you I pretty much am just waiting for this baby to arrive now so I have some extra time on my hands for blogging.  To refresh your memory a bit, I posted about my love of remodeling in this post and then posted a before and after (more of an “in progress” than after) photo of our kitchen in this post.

My real reason for today’s blog post is to show you some before photos of what our backyard/patio looks like currently.  It’s the very last space that we have to remodel and I’m pretty much at a loss for where to begin with the design.  Not to mention we’re spending most of our money now a days on baby gear and diapers so I have a feeling this space is going to remain pretty boring and ugly for quite a bit longer.  UNLESS…I win the “Social Space Makeover Contest” of 150,000 American Express Membership Rewards points over on the amazingly awesome blog “Making it Lovely.”  How fantastic would that be?!?!!

So here are some photos of our current backyard/patio.  It’s pretty bare and unfortunately we walk through the space on a daily basis since our carport is right behind the chain link fence and we use our backdoor as our entry.  Not to mention, our beautiful remodeled kitchen has two huge windows that look out on to the backyard/patio so we get to stare at the chain link fence, dirty walls, and boring space pretty much all the time!

Looking at the door in to the house and the two windows from the kitchen….

Looking towards the carport and gate…

We’d love to turn our boring and ugly backyard/patio in to something we are proud of and that we can use for family gatherings as well as an area where we can play and relax as a family as the baby grows!


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It’s my Blog-iversary!!

Wow!  It’s already been two years to the day since I started this blog and wrote my very first post!  Happy blog-iversary!!!  I never could have dreamed that I’d be where I’m at back when I wrote that post…or even back when I wrote my one year blog birthday post!  It’s been an amazing two years and I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love and call it a career!!  I’m so excited to see what the future holds for my business and can only imagine what fantastic clients and opportunities are ahead of me.  In the very near future you’ll see an update and facelift to this blog and hopefully some more consistent posting so stay tuned!  Until then, thank you to all of those who read my blog and have been a part of this fantastic two-year journey!!

And since a post is naked without a photo, here is one Lizzie snapped of me at a wedding the day after Christmas…

PS…A big shout out to my wonderful friend, Jihae, on her birthday!!!  Hope your day was amazing!!!

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To explain why I’ve been MIA here in blogland for the past month I thought I’d share a little sneak peek of what I’ve been up to.  Remember this post about the remodel we’d recently undertaken?!  Well, after almost 1-month of work, lots of sweat and a few tears, and at least 100 trips to Home Depot, it’s (for the most part) completed!!  We’re still working on the 1/2 bath and master bath but the kitchen and flooring are DONE!!!  That’s right!  It’s finally to the point where we can live in the house and it doesn’t feel like a construction zone!  We still have a few more things to do in the kitchen like replace the white stove and dishwasher with stainless, install blinds for the windows and put in a tiled backsplash but I couldn’t wait to give you a sneak peek of the completed kitchen.  We’re waiting to get a new stove and dishwasher until next year since the ones that came with the house were brand new but the blinds and backsplash will be completed soon!  And once the bathrooms are completed and the house is somewhat decorated then I’ll reveal the whole remodel!  Happy Monday!




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I Heart Faces is a fun blog where the focus is “on the art of capturing faces and their various emotions.”  Every week they post a new challenge and photographers, both amateur and pro, submit the photos they think best fit the current challenge.  I’ve seen quite a few of my fellow photographers submit to the challenges before but it wasn’t until I saw this weeks challenge that I really got up the courage to enter!  The challenge this week is “Dramatic Black and White” and as soon as I saw the category I knew the exact photo I wanted to enter.  I LOVE this photo of little Miss L.  I took it a few weeks ago and as soon as I snapped it I was in love.  She still hadn’t quite warmed up to me that morning as our session had just begun and I love the intense look in her eyes as she stares directly in to my lens.  Her skin is so soft and creamy and I just love the contrast of her dark hair, her light skin and the beautiful morning light!

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That’s right…I’m back with Friday Favorites and you can expect to learn about all of my favorite things on a regular basis now!  The reason for more regular postings you ask?!?  Because I am about to embark on a new adventure.  In fact, I’m about to start living the dream!  The dream that I’ve had since I started this business over a year and a half ago.  I’m about to jump in to this amazing business and awesome adventure full-time!!  That’s right…when someone asks me what I do for a living I can honestly say  now that I’m a full-time photographer!  Yay!!!  For those of you that don’t know, I’ve been working full-time AND running Jenny Bishop Photography.  That has meant very little time for me, my family and very little time to really focus on my photography and its business.  I’ve basically just been surviving.  I’ve worked 40-hour weeks, edited on my lunch hour, edited more after work and before bed, and then done shoots and weddings on the weekends while editing more…all for the last year and a half.  Of course I don’t really look at photography and all that comes with it as work since I genuinely LOVE what I do!!  After much prayer, the sale of our house (more on that later), a big move, and a lot more prayer…I’m finally able to make my passion in to a career!!!  As of tomorrow at 5pm I will no longer be employed…I will no longer be an 8am-5pm employee…I will no longer have a desk job…AND I will no longer have to wonder what my business and photography would look like if I could put all of my energy and focus in to it!  I can’t wait for this new adventure and for all the experiences that will come with it.  I know it won’t always be easy but when you absolutely love what you do, all the other things that might not be as exciting or fun (but are necessary) become more than bearable.  So start looking for more blog postings describing my adventures and all of the amazingness that is about to happen!  I can tell you that I’m one happy girl right now who has just achieved a major goal in her life!!!  Happy Friday!

And since a post is never complete without a photo…

Courtesy of Miss Lizzie Kimball at Gina & Joe’s wedding!  Stay tuned for a little behind the scenes action from their wedding!

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Happy birthday to my blog!!!

It’s been exactly one year since I started this blog and I can honestly say it’s been one amazing year!  I’ve had so many opportunities to photograph some amazing people and get to know so many families and brides and grooms and I’ve been able to share it all through my blog.  I can’t wait to see what the next year in my blog’s life has in store and can’t wait to continue to share all of my adventures with you.  Happy 1st Birthday Blog!!

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Wow, it’s been an amazing year!  In 2009 I officially started my business and photographed 42 portrait sessions, 1 rehearsal dinner and second shot 8 weddings with 5 different amazing photographers.  I also became an associate photographer for Jennifer Bowen, which has been an incredible blessing that I am so thankful for.  Throughout this year I’ve upgraded and bought new equipment and I’ve definitely seen my photography skills grow as I learned more and became more experienced.  I am so thankful for what a wonderful year this business has brought me and I am so excited to see what 2010 has in store.

Now sit back and relax…I’ve chosen my favorite photo from each portrait session and wedding to summarize this amazing year!  Enjoy!

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