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Since leap years only come around every four years I thought it would be a good day to announce and launch my new blog AND my new website design!!!  That’s right!! After over 3 years with the same blog address and website design it’s time for some BIG changes.

So hop on over to www.jennybishopphotography.com/blog and check out the new blog design!!  Be sure to update your bookmarks and Google Reader to the new address since I’ll no longer be posting on this blog.  And make sure to check out the new website design too!  Happy reading!!


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Bree :: 6 months

*Sucking on your fingers and sticking them far back in your throat.
*Swinging your right arm while nursing almost like you’re swimming freestyle.
*Tags on anything.
*My cell phone and the remote.
*The iPad and Little Einsteins.  These come in very handy while mommy gets ready.
*Sleeping with your hands behind your head.
*Putting your feet in your mouth.  This hasn’t changed from last month.
*Making a funny “old man face” all the time.  You look like an old man without dentures.
*Being in your Baby Bjorn when walking through the airport.  You squealed with delight the whole way and I’m pretty sure people were hoping you weren’t on their flights.
*Talking and squealing!
*Ziplock bags.  We made the mistake of putting toys in one to take on the trip and you ended up preferring to play with the bag (with supervision of course!).

*When mommy leaves the room. You often start to cry so it looks like you’re starting to feel some separation anxiety.
*Shrimp or peanuts.  You got hives after I ate them one night and we’re not sure which you’re allergic/sensitive to.
*Tummy time (still!).  You started doing a skydiver move where you arch your back, put your arms to the side and pull you legs up off the ground.

*You’ve started taking longer naps, which makes mommy very happy.
*You can sit by yourself for 5-10 seconds at a time before you fall backwards.
*You started eating oatmeal right at 5 months but you weren’t quite ready.  Right before you turned 6 months we started oatmeal again and you loved it.
*You celebrated your first Christmas.
*You went on an airplane for the first time.  And you did GREAT!
*You celebrated your first New Years in Laguna Beach.
*You sat in the shopping cart at Target for the first time.  And you loved it!
*You’re now in size 3 diapers.
*Your first tooth!  Bottom right!
*You can roll back to belly now (although you don’t do it too often and prefer to stay on your side).
*You can sit in a high chair at restaurants now although you don’t last very long.

Birthday 7.3.11: 7lbs 15oz, 20in
1 week 3 days: 8lbs 4oz
2 weeks 4 days: 8lbs 14oz
1 month 1 week: 9lbs 14oz, 21.5in
1 month 2.5 weeks: 10lbs 13oz
2 months 1 week: 11lbs 13oz, 23.5in
3 months: 13lbs 6oz
4 months 2 weeks: 15lbs, 25.5in
5 months: 15lbs 130z
6 months: 17lbs, 26.5in

Comparison photos from Bree’s newborn and 6-month photo shoots….
(Newborn photos taken by Kimberly Jarman Photography.
6 month photos taken by me.)

And some more photos from Bree’s 6th month…

Sitting by herself…
Christmas dress thanks to Grandma Susie…
And a final comparison of Bree’s first 6 months….

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Bree :: 5 months

*Your feet!!  They are always in your mouth!
*Taking your socks off of your feet and chewing on them.
*Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth.  EVERYTHING!!!
*Sydney and Arwen.  You love when Sydney comes up to smell or lick you and your face lights up when she walks in the room.
*Squealing, screaming with delight and talking!  It’s pretty entertaining.
*Riding in the Baby Bjorn.  You squeal and talk as soon as I start walking with you.
*Little Einsteins.  Your love for them has really grown and your face lights up when the theme song comes on.
*The iPad.  You love to watch Little Einsteins on it.
*Hearing us say “God Bless You” when you sneeze.
*Turning 180 degrees in your crib when you sleep.
*Bath time.  Splashing is your fav.
*Trying to drink out of the faucet during bath time when I rinse you off.
*When we get you up in the morning.  Your face is so happy to see us and you get so excited!
*Laughing.  You’re starting to really laugh a lot more!
*Your pacifiers.  You play with them a lot instead of sucking on them!
*Our hands and fingers.  You’re fascinated by them!
*Looking at me and smiling after nursing.
*Scratching your nails on the Boppy after nursing.
*Sitting in your Bumbo while we eat dinner.
*Sleeping with your hands behind your head like you’re sunbathing!

*Not being entertained.
*The hours between 4am and 5am. For some reason you’ve been waking up during those times but you fuss yourself back to sleep.
*Teething.  You still have no teeth but you’re teething like crazy.
*Your first ear infection.

*At 18 weeks you started sitting tripod style all by yourself.
*You are very good at tracking now.  You even know the sound of the stairs and you look in the direction to see who’s coming down.
*When you’re on your back you sometimes plant your feet and push yourself in a circle.
*Your first Thanksgiving.
*You met Santa for the first time!  And you didn’t cry!
*Your first ear infection. Sad!
*You were dedicated at church over Thanksgiving weekend.

Birthday 7.3.11: 7lbs 15oz, 20in
1 week 3 days: 8lbs 4oz
2 weeks 4 days: 8lbs 14oz
1 month 1 week: 9lbs 14oz, 21.5in
1 month 2.5 weeks: 10lbs 13oz
2 months 1 week: 11lbs 13oz, 23.5in
3 months: 13lbs 6oz
4 months 2 weeks: 15lbs, 25.5in
5 months: 15lbs 130z

Looks like using the Sleep Sheep as a gauge for how big she’s gotten might start getting a little more challenging…

Always playing with her feet…

One of my favorites!!!…

And a couple more favorites…

1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months

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