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Bree :: 6 months

*Sucking on your fingers and sticking them far back in your throat.
*Swinging your right arm while nursing almost like you’re swimming freestyle.
*Tags on anything.
*My cell phone and the remote.
*The iPad and Little Einsteins.  These come in very handy while mommy gets ready.
*Sleeping with your hands behind your head.
*Putting your feet in your mouth.  This hasn’t changed from last month.
*Making a funny “old man face” all the time.  You look like an old man without dentures.
*Being in your Baby Bjorn when walking through the airport.  You squealed with delight the whole way and I’m pretty sure people were hoping you weren’t on their flights.
*Talking and squealing!
*Ziplock bags.  We made the mistake of putting toys in one to take on the trip and you ended up preferring to play with the bag (with supervision of course!).

*When mommy leaves the room. You often start to cry so it looks like you’re starting to feel some separation anxiety.
*Shrimp or peanuts.  You got hives after I ate them one night and we’re not sure which you’re allergic/sensitive to.
*Tummy time (still!).  You started doing a skydiver move where you arch your back, put your arms to the side and pull you legs up off the ground.

*You’ve started taking longer naps, which makes mommy very happy.
*You can sit by yourself for 5-10 seconds at a time before you fall backwards.
*You started eating oatmeal right at 5 months but you weren’t quite ready.  Right before you turned 6 months we started oatmeal again and you loved it.
*You celebrated your first Christmas.
*You went on an airplane for the first time.  And you did GREAT!
*You celebrated your first New Years in Laguna Beach.
*You sat in the shopping cart at Target for the first time.  And you loved it!
*You’re now in size 3 diapers.
*Your first tooth!  Bottom right!
*You can roll back to belly now (although you don’t do it too often and prefer to stay on your side).
*You can sit in a high chair at restaurants now although you don’t last very long.

Birthday 7.3.11: 7lbs 15oz, 20in
1 week 3 days: 8lbs 4oz
2 weeks 4 days: 8lbs 14oz
1 month 1 week: 9lbs 14oz, 21.5in
1 month 2.5 weeks: 10lbs 13oz
2 months 1 week: 11lbs 13oz, 23.5in
3 months: 13lbs 6oz
4 months 2 weeks: 15lbs, 25.5in
5 months: 15lbs 130z
6 months: 17lbs, 26.5in

Comparison photos from Bree’s newborn and 6-month photo shoots….
(Newborn photos taken by Kimberly Jarman Photography.
6 month photos taken by me.)

And some more photos from Bree’s 6th month…

Sitting by herself…
Christmas dress thanks to Grandma Susie…
And a final comparison of Bree’s first 6 months….

Bree :: 5 months

*Your feet!!  They are always in your mouth!
*Taking your socks off of your feet and chewing on them.
*Putting EVERYTHING in your mouth.  EVERYTHING!!!
*Sydney and Arwen.  You love when Sydney comes up to smell or lick you and your face lights up when she walks in the room.
*Squealing, screaming with delight and talking!  It’s pretty entertaining.
*Riding in the Baby Bjorn.  You squeal and talk as soon as I start walking with you.
*Little Einsteins.  Your love for them has really grown and your face lights up when the theme song comes on.
*The iPad.  You love to watch Little Einsteins on it.
*Hearing us say “God Bless You” when you sneeze.
*Turning 180 degrees in your crib when you sleep.
*Bath time.  Splashing is your fav.
*Trying to drink out of the faucet during bath time when I rinse you off.
*When we get you up in the morning.  Your face is so happy to see us and you get so excited!
*Laughing.  You’re starting to really laugh a lot more!
*Your pacifiers.  You play with them a lot instead of sucking on them!
*Our hands and fingers.  You’re fascinated by them!
*Looking at me and smiling after nursing.
*Scratching your nails on the Boppy after nursing.
*Sitting in your Bumbo while we eat dinner.
*Sleeping with your hands behind your head like you’re sunbathing!

*Not being entertained.
*The hours between 4am and 5am. For some reason you’ve been waking up during those times but you fuss yourself back to sleep.
*Teething.  You still have no teeth but you’re teething like crazy.
*Your first ear infection.

*At 18 weeks you started sitting tripod style all by yourself.
*You are very good at tracking now.  You even know the sound of the stairs and you look in the direction to see who’s coming down.
*When you’re on your back you sometimes plant your feet and push yourself in a circle.
*Your first Thanksgiving.
*You met Santa for the first time!  And you didn’t cry!
*Your first ear infection. Sad!
*You were dedicated at church over Thanksgiving weekend.

Birthday 7.3.11: 7lbs 15oz, 20in
1 week 3 days: 8lbs 4oz
2 weeks 4 days: 8lbs 14oz
1 month 1 week: 9lbs 14oz, 21.5in
1 month 2.5 weeks: 10lbs 13oz
2 months 1 week: 11lbs 13oz, 23.5in
3 months: 13lbs 6oz
4 months 2 weeks: 15lbs, 25.5in
5 months: 15lbs 130z

Looks like using the Sleep Sheep as a gauge for how big she’s gotten might start getting a little more challenging…

Always playing with her feet…

One of my favorites!!!…

And a couple more favorites…

1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months

Bree :: 4-months

So I am WAAAYYYY behind in posting Bree’s monthly photos and details.  Between taking care of Bree and wedding and holiday season I’ve been a little busy.  Bree just turned 6 months old so I have 3 posts to get caught up.  As a disclaimer, I’m writing these posts as a way to look back in the future and see what she was like at each age.  I’m also writing them to put in her baby book so rather than change all the “you’s” to “her’s” I’m just keeping it on the blog the same way it will be written in her baby book.  I’ve condensed her baby book details though in to bullet points for the blog so it’s not quite as long and involvede.  If you don’t feel like reading all the details you can always just look at the cute photos!  With that said, here is sweet Bree a couple months ago at 4 months old (I can’t believe how much she’s changed!)…
*Trying to sit yourself up while laying in your Boppy.
*Putting your hands and fingers in your mouth.
*Bringing toys to your mouth too.
*Drooling. You have become a drooling machine!
*Being entertained ALL. THE. TIME.
*Your stroller and going for walks.
*Sleeping at night.  You go to bed between 7:30pm and 8:30pm and usually wake up about 8am or 8:30am (with a dream feed at 11:30pm).  This makes mommy VERY happy!
*Belly laughing.
*KICKING! Especially us! Or the couch!  Or whatever you can get your feet on.
*Baby Einsteins and Little Einsteins
*Rolling on to your side and sleeping on your side.
*Making fishy faces and smacking noises with your lips.
*Talking, squealing and screeching.
*Being held.
*Scratching your fingers on the Boppy after nursing.
*Pulling the frog toy on your car seat.
*Bath time!!  You love splashing!
*Not being entertained.
*Napping.  I think you don’t want to miss anything so you only sleep for 45 minutes at a time.
*Tummy time!
*You can finally keep your pacifier in your mouth on your own.
*You can roll belly to back.
*You’ve outgrown 3 month jammies and are now wearing size 6 month.
*You celebrated your first Halloween and dressed up like a ladybug.
*You started belly laughing.
Birthday 7.3.11: 7lbs 15oz, 20in
1 week 3 days: 8lbs 4oz
2 weeks 4 days: 8lbs 14oz
5 weeks 1 day: 9lbs 14oz, 21.5in
7 weeks 1 day: 10lbs 13oz
9 weeks 5 days: 11lbs 13oz, 23.5in
13 weeks 5 days: 13lbs 6oz
19 weeks 1 day: 15lbs, 25.5in
Bree’s favorite thing to do at 4 months…chew on her toes…
This is her “talking/squealing” face…
Still not quite sure about each other…
This was the first time she ever rolled belly to back and I got it on camera!!!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from a certain little ladybug!!

Bree :: 3-months

I still can’t believe that Bree is 3 months now!  In fact, since I’m writing this (very) late she is actually getting closer to 4 months!  I feel like so much has happened over the past month since her 2-month post.  She’s definitely a baby now and not a newborn or even really an infant!  Her face has changed so much and her cheeks and legs are getting chunkier and chunkier.  Her hair is getting blonder as well and that dark hair she was born with is really now only on the top of her head like a mowhawk and on the back of her head.  And this girl has got a pretty big head.  She’s in the 91st percentile for head size, 67th for weight and 84th for height.  She still eats like a champ and is also sleeping like a champ.  She started sleeping through the night fairly consistently around 10 weeks old and she also started sleeping in her crib in her own room right before she turned 3 months.  It’s nice not to hear every little noise and movement she makes so we’re all getting a bit better sleep and she’s doing great in her own room.

She’s definitely moving a lot more and kicks her legs and flails her arms all the time.  She loves to lay under her play gym and look at all the stuff hanging above her and she’s starting to reach out to grab stuff.  Just before she turned 3 months old she reached out and grabbed Sofie the Giraffe and brought it to her mouth.  She’s totally mastered holding her head up and she likes when you pull her to a sitting position with her hands.  We’re still working on tummy time but she’s starting to hold her head up when on her tummy a bit more even though it’s only in small increments.  She just really hates tummy time!

This little girl is all smiles and lights up when you say hi to her!  She’s a big talker too and likes to squeal and gurgle and coo with you.  AND she belly laughed for the first time this month!!  I nearly died!  And I know I definitely cried when she did it.  It’s such a sweet sound!  We keep trying to get her to do it again but she’s stingey with her laughs.  While she’s a very happy baby most of the time, when she’s hungry or tired she’s all drama.  She has a face we call “the lip” where she pulls that bottom pouty lip out as a warning that she’s about to “go nuclear.”  She likes to be entertained all the time but I guess it comes with her age since she can’t do much herself yet.  You can tell she is ready to be moving and sitting and grabbing toys.  We think she’s going to be a very independent little girl!

I’m back working now and I miss Bree so much when I’m gone.  I always thought I’d want to continue working after I had kids but it’s turned out to be much harder than I ever anticipated.  I’m still in love with photography but Bree has made it much harder to leave for long wedding days.  On September 10th Bree spent the first of many Saturday’s to come with her daddy exclusively taking care of her.  Poor Brad was thrown in to 10+ hours with Bree and unfortunately the day before she had had her shots so the day didn’t go quite as well as hoped.  Since that first “daddy daycare day,” Brad’s time with her has improved a lot and he is able to read her cues better and know her schedule.  She definitely loves daddy though and loves to talk with him A LOT when he gets home from work.  She also rather enjoys staring at the TV when football is on so Brad is pretty proud of that!

Speaking of TV, Bree loves Baby Einstein’s World of Colors video.  It seriously is a life saver sometimes when she just won’t settle.  She loves when a blonde little girl comes on and says “yellow.”  Lots of smiles and squeals occur!  We now have the You Tube video bookmarked on basically every computer and smart phone so we have the video ready when we need something to entertain her or hold her off from being fussy.  She has also taken a liking to reality TV shows, in particular, The Rachel Zoe Project and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  I’m teaching her young folks!

We took Bree on her very first road trip to Laguna Beach when she was 10 weeks old and it went pretty well.  The car ride home was much better than the car ride there since we had some “experience” the second time.  Going out there we had a good straight hour of crying before we pulled over in the middle of nowhere so I could feed her again…in the dark…in the car.  Of course while we were in Laguna we put her feet in the ocean and not surprising, she wasn’t such a fan but it made for some very cute photos!  It was so nice to be at the beach to relax and hang out and not have to worry about anything else.  And Bree did great sleeping in a new place.  In fact, she slept through the night every night we were there.  We’re really excited to go back to Laguna for New Year’s and take Bree on her very first flight!

Since the holidays are about to start we took Bree to her first pumpkin patch and of course had a mini photo shoot in the pumpkins.  The whole thing was pretty uneventful since we just walked in, took some photos, picked out a couple pumpkins and left but it was still a first for the little girl!  And the photos of her surrounded by pumpkins are pretty adorable!

I’m so thankful that the weather is cooling down and we’ve been able to take advantage of the great weather and our amazing stroller.  We’re going on nightly walks during Bree’s “witching hour” when nothing really seems to do the trick.  She really loves the walks and as soon as you put her in the stroller she calms down and starts smiling.  She looks around during the walks and often falls asleep so we’re pretty excited for the approaching fall weather!

These past few months have flown by so much so that I look back on photos of Bree when she was just born and it feels like it was so long ago that we held that itty bitty brand new baby in our arms!  It’s true how they say you forget those sleepless nights and the challenges that come with a newborn!  And I’m pretty sure I need time to slow down so we can enjoy all the milestones that are about to happen for Bree in the next year!

And her are some things about Bree from her third month:

*Kicking her legs and flailing her arms…A LOT
*Putting her hand over her face while eating
*Walks in her stroller outside
*Doing pulls ups to a sitting position
*Grabbing new toys and trying to get them in her mouth
*Baby Einstein’s World of Colors
*Rachel Zoe
*Her play gym and all of its toys (only for short periods though!)
*Kicking off her socks

*Tummy time (but we’re working on it)
*Waiting to eat
*Staying in one place for too long
*Having her hair washed

Birthday 7.3.11: 7lbs 15oz, 20in
1 week 3 days: 8lbs 4oz
2 weeks 4 days: 8lbs 14oz
5 weeks 1 day: 9lbs 14oz, 21.5in
7 weeks 1 day: 10lbs 13oz
9 weeks 5 days: 11lbs 13oz, 23.5in
13 weeks 5 days: 13lbs 6oz

And here are a few photos from her third month:

10 weeks old…

12 weeks old…

First trip to the Laguna Beach (10 weeks old)…

Pumpkin patch (12 weeks old)…

And some more photos from her 3 month shoot…

Look how much she’s grown!!!…

And since I love comparison photos, here’s me at 32 weeks pregnant…

And here’s me in the same outfit in a similar spot on the beach with a 10 week old (and slightly unhappy) Bree…